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I’m truly excited to share with everyone my platform for Miss Teenage Canada. It is a bit unique and goes along with one of my life goals of supporting and helping grow self-confidence in teens and show them that they can achieve their dreams!

Platform Message


I believe that the teenage years are the most important for self development and growth. These years put you on a path that reflects and guides you for the rest of your life! I have seen many girls being bullied and put down and this changes their course direction. They stop believing in themselves. They lose their self-esteem and confidence. If they only knew that it is ok to STAND ALONE at times!

I love spreading my message that it’s 100% OK to stand alone at times. It really is! It is not always easy… but by finding out who YOU truly are and what YOU truly stand for allows you to set goals and find ways to achieve those goals. Overcoming those “bad” times or “difficult” times by knowing who you are can keep you focused and on a path that will continue to lead you to where you want to go!


One of the best ways I have found to develop my own self-confidence is through confidence and leadership training, events and conferences and just putting myself out there. I constantly seek to place myself in situations that are completely outside of my comfort zone (kind of like Miss Teenage Canada pageant is), and from this even though I am scared to death I come out stronger and more determined to keep expanding who I am.

When I assist other teens to see that they have the ability to explore their talents and capabilities, so that they too can be confident and feel good about themselves both internally and externally I find it a win/win remarkable experience!

I'm beautiful and confident

My platform is directed toward assisting teens to see the beauty inside themselves so that it shines on the outside too. There is no match for a confident girl or boy.


I have discovered at some of my speaking and fund raising events that many teens simply need just that “one person” to believe in them and show that it’s possible to go for your dreams even if other people don’t agree, bully you, or think your life should be different.

I believe the result in helping teens realize and build their own confidence will be driven and ambitious future leaders that strive to follow their dreams, succeed and make a better world for everyone!



Set Your Goals High

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