Hi Everyone!

I’m truly excited to share with everyone my platform for Miss Teenage Canada. It is a bit unique and goes along with one of my life goals of supporting and helping grow self-confidence in teens and show them that they can achieve their dreams!

Platform Message


I believe that the teenage years are the most important for self development and growth. These years put you on a path that reflects and guides you for the rest of your life! I have seen many girls being bullied and put down and this changes their course direction. They stop believing in themselves. They lose their self-esteem and confidence. If they only knew that it is ok to STAND ALONE at times!

I love spreading my message that it’s 100% OK to stand alone at times. It really is! It is not always easy… but by finding out who YOU truly are and what YOU truly stand for allows you to set goals and find ways to achieve those goals. Overcoming those “bad” times or “difficult” times by knowing who you are can keep you focused and on a path that will continue to lead you to where you want to go!


One of the best ways I have found to develop my own self-confidence is through confidence and leadership training, events and conferences and just putting myself out there. I constantly seek to place myself in situations that are completely outside of my comfort zone (kind of like Miss Teenage Canada pageant is), and from this even though I am scared to death I come out stronger and more determined to keep expanding who I am.

When I assist other teens to see that they have the ability to explore their talents and capabilities, so that they too can be confident and feel good about themselves both internally and externally I find it a win/win remarkable experience!

I'm beautiful and confident

My platform is directed toward assisting teens to see the beauty inside themselves so that it shines on the outside too. There is no match for a confident girl or boy.


I have discovered at some of my speaking and fund raising events that many teens simply need just that “one person” to believe in them and show that it’s possible to go for your dreams even if other people don’t agree, bully you, or think your life should be different.

I believe the result in helping teens realize and build their own confidence will be driven and ambitious future leaders that strive to follow their dreams, succeed and make a better world for everyone!



Set Your Goals High

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Canada isn’t just great… It is AMAZING!!

I am Canadian

C stands for: Coast to Coast

Canada is the second largest country in the world, ranging from the West Coast of British Columbia and the Pacific Ocean  to the East Coasts of Quebec, Newfoundland, and many other small islands located in the Atlantic ocean. Between the two aquatic borders lay an array of many different landscapes, from the snowy tundras in the North to the beautiful rocky mountains in the west and the great prairie lands, to the rocky coastline of the east. You may think to yourself, how does one country with SO MUCH land space have SO FEW people? Well let me tell you. Although Canada is not lacking in area, most of the area we have is north more into the northern arctic hemisphere, making the area up there hard to live and even uninhabitable. Making our population smaller than that of the state of California, sitting around thirty-five million people. But with such great land area and so few people, the hidden beauties in Canada remain uninhabited, little disturbed and available for everyone to enjoy.


A stands for: Abounding Beauty

I believe that Canada is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I live close to the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta and they are breathtaking. Waterton Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places on earth! See my picture below…

From the great Rocky Mountains to the vast rolling prairies to the Great Lakes and always green Maritimes, Canada truly has it all! History and beauty…


N stands for: Nation of Nice People

It is commonly joked about that if you meet a Canadian that they are always so very friendly and continually say they are “sorry”. I’ve heard numerous times from visitors, exchange students and relatives that visit from out of Country that there truly is no nicer place and people than Canadians.

I was on a cruise a couple of years ago and the Captain suggested at one stop that people wear a Canadian flag pin because they would be treated like royalty on land! That’s how well respected and known we are for being kind and loving. I think that’s incredible!

Nice Canadians

A stands for: Amazing Canadian’isms’ or Vernacular just for Canadians

Here are some of the most used and some of my favourites!

        1. KEENER    /ˈkēnər/

Definition: An enthusiastic brown-noser.

Example: “Christy pulled an all-nighter studying for that history test on the War of 1812. She’s such a keener.”

Study all Night

        2. GIVER    /give-er/

Definition: Give it all you got. Apply 110% of your effort (usually to partying, working, and/or extreme Canadian sports).


“How are you planning to get down the triple black diamond run when you’ve never snowboarded before?”

“I’ll just give’r.”*

*This is not an endorsement for poor decision-making in amateur snowboarders.

Extreme Snowboarding

        3. TOQUE    /ˈtuːk/

Definition: A knit cap worn in winter. Or spring, fall, and during freak summer snowstorms. It’s cold in Canada.

Example: “Grab your toque. I know we were suntanning yesterday, but…you know…Canada.”


         4.  COWTOWN   /cow-town/

Definition: A term used to describe Calgary, Alberta. Surprisingly, often used by those who actually live in Calgary, Alberta.


“There’s a cowboy on a paddle board on the river.”

“Well, this is Cowtown.”


         5. KERFUFFLE   /kərˈfəfəl/

Definition: A commotion or fuss, often caused by a disagreement.

Example: “Edmonton Oilers fans got angry when the Calgary Flames beat the Oilers 5-0. It caused quite the kerfuffle.”


         6. CHESTERFIELD   /ˈCHestərˌfēld/

Definition: A couch. In your grandma’s living room.

Example: “Have a seat on the Chesterfield, Dear. Just shoo Puddles off and sit next to my knitting basket.”


         7. MUSKOKA CHAIR   /mə-ˈskō-kə/ /CHer/

Definition: An outdoor wooden lounge chair. Named after the Muskoka Lake region of Cottage Country in Ontario, Canada.

Example: “I can’t wait to get up to the cottage. We just bought two Muskoka chairs and I’m going to sit in front of the lake all weekend!”


         8. RUNNERS  /rənərs/

Definition: Athletic shoes used for running. Also used as a term for street shoes.

Example: “There’s a moose on the loose. Better grab your runners.”14.


Definition: Athletic shoes used for running. Also used as a term for street shoes.

Example: “There’s a moose on the loose. Better grab your runners.”

running shoes

There are many many more “Canadian’isms” but if you know the above ones you will understand a bit more when you come and visit! 🙂

Canadian Slang

D stands for: Diverse in Culture

Diversity has played an important role in Canada’s history.  My step-dad is an immigrant from the United Kingdom and I am very grateful he came to Canada! Today, Canada has the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens than any other developed country.  In 2012, Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants for its seventh consecutive year, with 257,515 newcomers entering the country.  In opening its doors to immigration, Canada has created a society of mixed languages, cultures and religions.

The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is but one example of this! What an amazing array of diverse cultures being represented from across the country!


A Stands for: A+ Place to Live

In 2014 Huffington Post did a great article on Canada being the best place to live! I’ve put the link in below as it says it all.



I really do believe that Canada is an A+ place to live. Our freedoms, our history, the beauty, the culture.. we are the envy of many countries in the world. And if you can’t move here… at least visit us! And come say hi to me in Alberta!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite thing is about CANADA! I will respond!



Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.07.55 PM

Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2015

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Carol Burnett once said, “We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.”

I may not be graduating this year, but this truth has become a part of me as I figure out which Post-Secondary schools I want to attend. This is also truth for all of you who are graduating and moving onto a new chapter of your life come September.

Just remember don’t lose yourself, and the person you’ve become in the rush of life.

I feel we sometimes get so caught up in life that we forget the place we come from, and I know that may seem cliche, but aren’t all cliches full of truth? Otherwise they wouldn’t be considered cliché’s.

Life’s only just beginning for me, and probably most of you, and through the last week of school, with finishing my exams and all, I’ve come to realize a year from now, I, will be starting the next chapter of my life as well.

Wishing everyone an amazing summer,

Shelby <37e34197526f029aa02f6d99d8c339e3d

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog… a place to comment, connect and follow me on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada in August.

I’m excited to share my experiences with you. I love connecting and meeting new people and I am very excited to have a personal blog to reach out and find new friends!

So where should I start? A little about me…

I am currently finishing up Grade 11 and live in a small farming Village in Alberta of just over 1000 people. Great people, family fun and where you know everyone it seems (this is good and bad as you can imagine)!

Activities in my village range from shooting gophers in backyards (true story) to horses wandering down the streets (all the time) to a school of less than 350 from K-12 (cozy)! I have 23 in my one class grade (as they are all one class grades where I live) and I’ve been going to school with most of my friends since Kindergarten.

I play volleyball, basketball (where we won Zones and Provincials this year! OH YAH! – both the guys and girl’s teams won both – so FOUR BANNERS this year! ), track and field (train at the University of Lethbridge and currently in season), piano (6 years – and now I sound somewhat decent but still don’t like to practice) and above all I LOVE reading (it is my nemesis as it steals precious sleep).

I love to get out and meet new people. I love participating in events and helping others. This summer I am planning many events to honour my Miss Teenage Southern Alberta title and promoting and fund raising for the official Miss Teenage Canada charity, Free the Children!

Some fun blogging will be about my planned make up tutorial lessons to fashion to hair disasters (I have many with my long hair) to walking practice (let’s hope I don’t break an ankle in those 5″ heels!) and many other topics. If there is anything you want me to blog about.. Just comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Included in the fun stuff above I will also be chatting about my Platform:


I find that many kids are still bullied and the bullying has affected me as well. Some of the bullying is passive and not out in the open… so it gets missed. But it still affects you even if it’s not so public. It’s the sideways glance in the hallways.. or the whispers as you walk by or the intentional moving away from you when you walk into a room… It sucks..

But what I have found is that when someone has the support and internal strength to stand up for themselves, walk away or even learn to just let it roll off your back no matter how horrible.. this can help stop bullying. I’ve walked away on many occasions. Not without it stinging A LOT.. not without tears A LOT.. but I have found a way to find my TRUTH inside me. I will be open and honest. I will share some of my crazy stories here in my blog. I want to show other teens that it does hurt.. but there is a way to move past and move forward.

I would love my blog to be a place they can come for support and strength. Standing alone isn’t always easy… actually it never is… but every time I have done it, I get stronger. 🙂

I’d love to hear: Your stories. Your dreams. Your visions. Your fears. Your struggles.

Share them with me… I’ll respond!

Beyond my small town borders is a limitless world… and I plan to take advantage of every moment I can.

Visit me often! I love hearing from you.



Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2015



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We made it to the (almost) half way mark! Our fourth day began with breakfast provided by Michelle, she fed us a Canadian classic; Tim Hortons! We were all ecstatic and quickly devoured or yummy breakfast as we loaded on to the bus.
We then headed to Global News where we were featured on both The Morning Show (Global Toronto) and Global National.

From Global, we made our way back to the hotel for lunch. And…. we got McDonalds!! Oh my was I ever happy! Snack wraps, apples, cookies, and a whole bunch of little goodies. With our stomachs now full and our bodies re-energized, we made our way to the CN Tower!
Our new Hi-Tec footwear made walking around feel amazing!
As we made our way up the CN Tower, which takes a total of fifty-nine seconds in the partial glass elevators, we saw the breath taking view that the tower and Toronto have to offer; and then, we saw it…. the glass floor..

DUN DUN DUUUUUN!! So just a little fact, I prefer not to walk or stand on glass floor. Coming from Southern Alberta, a staple tourist spot is the Tyrell museum in Drumheller. In the museum, there is this one section that has glass flooring and everytime I step on it, I freeze. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust the glass or maybe it’s because of Night at the Museum and there is a possibility that the creatures may come alive! AHH!! Haha But at the CN Tower, I did it!! And honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The Hi-Tecs definitely made the experience that much more comfortable.

Shopping! Us girls then made our way to the Toronto Eaton Centre to do a little shopping. Eaton Centre was so generous to donate each of us a ten dollar gift card for dinner! We were divided up into groups by age and headed on our way. My main stop was Shoppers Drug Mart! Darian and I need to stock up on some healthy snacks for our room seeing as we had no space left in our bags on the way here. A few dollars later we were set.
Numerous people asked us what we were doing and who we were, some asked for pictures; and, one moment I will never forget was when we first walked into the mall and everyone stopped, pulled out their phones, and surrounded us like paparazzi. It was a bit overwhelming at first but we had to make the moment last.

After a short few hours of shopping, we quickly returned to the hotel where Shawn was ready to rehearse! We practices some new walks and formations, also developing our opening number for the final night.

And.. Bed time!

Once again I am sorry that there are no pictures but I unfortunately didn’t have time to charge my ipad, so the pictures are on my Twitter and there are a few on my Facebook. I promise day five will have TONS of pictures!!

Check out the posts at:
Twitter- @SouthernAB_2014
Facebook- Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

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Today we were featured on Breakfast Television! Now getting up at three-thirty in the morning was not too encouraging but as soon as we arrived at the studio; we were wide-eyed and excited! A handful of girls were picked to speak about personal experiences and talents they have and I must say, they did a great job for an on-the-spot live interview.
Here is the link to the Miss Teenage Canada delegates on BT!
Later we headed to High Park where we had a delicious breakfast at Grenadier Café that was composed of: scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and toast.

We then returned to the hotel where we changed into a little more comfortable clothing and headed upstairs for a presentation by Schwarzkorpf Professional! They taught us a whole bunch of fun tips and tricks, as well as some super easy yet pageant appropriate hairstyles. They were so generous to give us some products, and one of which is a re-invented version of my favorite product of all time: Dust It!!

And lunch is served! Us delegates were so lucky to have our lunch donated to by Panera Bread. Sandwiches, salads, cookies, chips, and delicious drinks; oh my, it was the best lunch so far!

Off to the mall we go! With our full bellies we strutted out way to the bus and made our way to Yorkdale Mall where we received a gift card from Bench! I went a little off the beaten path and bought a gift for a friend rather than an article for myself, now let’s hope they like it. Here we took Polaroid pictures and developed a new hashtag; #MissBench. Also, we all entered to win a head to toe look from Bench! The winner will be announced at the end of the week. Yorkdale also gave each of us a VIP package which gave us discounts as well as a ten dollar gift car for dinner. Being a Canadian, of course I got poutine! But also being from Alberta, I have to have my braised beef! Old habits die hard, and especially not before preliminaries!

Heading back to the hotel, Paige and I were beat; so, we had a little cat nap. We all then headed back upstairs to our room, had a quick break, and made our way up to the twelfth floor where Shawn was waiting for us.
After a refresher and random dance session amongst us girls, we began choreographing our opening number!
A couple hours later it was bed time!! Which was much needed seeing as we would be getting up at four- thirty am the next day.

I apologize that there are no images in this post but my ipad died as soon as we got on the bus!

You can see some images on:
Twitter- @SouthernAB_2014
Facebook- Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

Until Next Time,
Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

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I survived the first day! Darian and I slept just a little past our alarms, but it’s understandable; beauty queens need their beauty sleep right? As we rose from our sweet slumber, we ran through the shower, grabbed our outfits and headed out the door by eight.

Today we had our official Miss Teenage Canada delegate shoot, video shoot, and our judged interview! As the nerve racking portion of the pageant doomed on us, we kept a positive attitude and a flawless smile.
So, I began with the video shoot. I’m not the best with video interviews, but hey; don’t knock it until you fail right? I went in, did my thing, did a couple retakes, and was on my way to the photo shoot! Photoshoot was so much fun, it was a great way to release those anxious vibes; about five minutes later, it was over! The photographer was very relaxed and a blast to work with. Our hair and makeup for the day was odne my one of our amazing sponsors, Motives Canada, who had a high glam look in mind for us ladies.
I then made my way back downstairs to prepare for interview! Now at provincials, I wasn’t one-hundred percent content with my interview. My outfit was amazing, so of course I used it again for nationals; and this time around, I decided just to “wing-it” and be Sabrina.
PHEW! I came out with a smile and made my way back up to throw back on my yoga pants, collect my belongings, and head “home”.

Here are some shots from throughout the day:

And….. NAP TIME!! I had a quick chat with my family back in Alberta; seeing as I finished very early. Darian soon returned and we chitt-chatted till I dosed off in the middle of our conversation.

It was a very well needed nap!

We then headed back downstairs for the last time for the day for dinner! Yay, food! We got the low- down of tomorrow’s schedule, got out to go boxes, and headed to our room. Dinner was great; chicken strips, rice, corn, and pasta salad.

Tomorrow should be an eventful day!

Until Day Three,
Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014
Until Day

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Day One:
I made it! Landed safe and sound at Lester B. Pearson yesterday and quickly made my way, along with two other Alberta titleholders, to baggage claim. As we collected our endless amount of luggage, we made our way out toward an energetic young lady with a Miss Teenage Canada bag! Courtney, one of our chaperones, greeted us and escorted us to a shuttle bus; and we were on our way to the hotel!

As we got all of our luggage hauled into the hotel, Christi sorted our room keys and we were off to our new home for the week. Also the anticipation to discover our roommate grew stronger! I open the door and I see a sleepy yet gorgeous girl! Miss Teenage Central Saskatchewan 2014, Darian Lonechild.

Later in the day we were brought down for a welcome party! After organizing and handing in our forms, we headed over to meet our sponsors. The four main sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada are: Motives Cosmetics Canada, Hi- Tec Canada, Wright Spa Mobile Services, and Golden Glamour Goddesses.

Motives Canada

Wright Spa Mobile Services

Hi- Tec Footwear

Golden Glamour Goddesses

After this, we headed back to our rooms where we set out our outfits for the next day!

Thank you again to all of the wonderful sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada! Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated and as a delegate, I thank you!

Until Day Two,
Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

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There is a new model search in the midst, Top Model Search Canada! This model search with a twist is a sister production derived from Miss Teenage Canada, formerly Miss Teen Canada-World.

This model search is not your typical runway show, it also incorporates a pageant aspect. Former titleholders such as Katie Starke, Sara Winters, and Savanagh Walker have all found great success in both the modelling and pageant industry through associations with Miss Teenage Canada and now, Top Model Search Canada.


Now, here’s a bit more about the competition.

The Top Model Search Canada Competition is heading across the country in search for gorgeous young women to compete and become Canada’s new generation of supermodels. Over 40 finalists will be selected from across the country to compete for the crown and the modelling contract in the summer in Toronto—the winner becomes the next Miss Supranational Canada, and runners up become Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International!


The dates for this year’s competition is August 12-17th, 2014 and as previously stated, in Toronto.

So how can you get involved in this life changing, career starting experience? Apply! You can apply online at the Topmodelsearchcanada.com

Here are the basic requirements and expectations of the model search:

  • Can commit to putting 100% into everything you do
  • Are willing to listen, learn and grow as a person through the Top Model Search Canada experience
  • Willing to travel
  • Enjoy being the center of attention and want to be in the public eye
  • Love glamour, fashion and glitz
  • Love to travel and experience new culture
  • Love to perform and be on stage
  • Want to have an exciting new experience and make new friends from all over Canada
  • You are 5’7 or Taller ( we will accept 5’6 if you are exceptional)
  • You are no younger then 17 and no older then 27
  • You reside in Canada
  • You feel you have what it takes to be a model

From a pageant stand-point, I can honestly say that there is no other feeling that compares to being on stage. There is very little difference between working the runway and performing in a pageant, and for those reason, it would be a very easy transfer for those in either industry and for them to be successful. If there is anything I’ve learned throughout the past two years working with Miss Teenage Canada, it is that you must embrace yourself and explore all your options.  I never thought I would be in the pageant/modelling industry, but I stepped out from my comfort zone and at the young age of fourteen and was so grateful to jump into the welcoming arms of Miss Teenage Canada! I am now a titleholder as well as a gown model for YYC Gown Rentals! Pageants can open so many doors and one leads straight into modelling.

So to all you gorgeous Canadian women out there, apply today! Become internationally known, begin your career, shine on forever!

Until Next Time,

Sabrina- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014




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