How do I begin to describe how great and amazing this week has been so far here at Miss Teenage Canada? It’s been more than I every imagined!

Registration day was filled with much anticipation and travel for most. We all arrived excited and a bit nervous. Girls arrived from coast to coast from early morning to late into the evening. We were greeted by our amazing chaperones and given our rooms and roommates.

It was fun to be reunited with some of my friends I met at the Miss Teenage Alberta competition in March and see how excited they also were to be here at the Miss Teenage Canada National competition.

Alyssa and II lucked out and got the most amazing roommate! I was paired up with the most gorgeous young lady, Alyssa, South Eastern Ontario. She’s such a beautiful girl in and out, and I know we will be friends long after the pageant is over!

After a fairly late night getting to know my roommate and unpacking we woke up bright and early for a quick breakfast and a day of hair, makeup, video/photo shoots and interviews.

Day two began with a lot of excitement in the air. Staying at the hotel for the day’s activities made it easy being able to just go downstairs and get started. I had a very talented makeup artist that did an amazing job!

I had been assigned the number 14, so that meant I would be fairly close to the beginning of the photo/video shoot and panel interview. I was happy I would be done sooner than later.  I was done by early afternoon and then was able to go back to my room and relax!

Day three was kept at the hotel again. The day was filled with choreography training, walking practice, and dress fittings. We met Sean (who is amazing!) and he taught us our opening act.

Just befoLone Star pic4re dinner we were told that we were leaving the hotel to go out for dinner. It was quite the site I’m sure to watch 82 girls walk a block down the road in high heels, sashes and crowns! We had amazing fajitas at the Lone Star and it was nice to get outside after being inside for two days.

After dinner we went back to the hotel for dress fittings and some good rest for a packed Day four!


Day four was a fun packed day! We started off with an incredible breakfast at Egglicious. After we stopped at Port Credit where we enjoyed the beautiful weather and did some impromptu walking practice. You can never get too much practice in 😉

After that we had the opportunity to actually be in some dragon boat racing! Something I’ve seen but never done before. We all had a lot of laughs and I’m sure we caused quite a scene. Some of the girls were pretty daring and jumped into the water.

Greg FrewinFrom there we headed to Niagra Falls for a fun dinner and magical evening with Greg Frewin and his show “Champion of Magic”. It definitely left me in awe and question
ing “how did he do that???”



Day five was an even more exciting day where we went early to the family sponsored zoo, Bowmanville Zoo. We had the amazing experience of playing with baby lions and a tiger. I’m not sure how I’m going to convince my parents to let me have one, but I truly fell in love! If you have a chance, please go support this amazing place.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.31.50 PM

The next activity was a unique market place visit. This is a market that had all fresh and natural iTaco Truck Selfiengredients sold at it; The Richtree Natural Market. There we had lunch at the Taco Truck that just opened. Service was outstanding and the food something everyone should experience! This market has four locations now in the GTA. The one we went to today was the Eaton Centre… I wish we had one like this back in Alberta. It was a great place to visit and eat.






After our fabulous experience at the Richtree Market we headed off for a quick shopping trip to Yorkdale. How could 82 girls NOT go shopping?!

Dinner was yet again an experience to remember. We went to the Medieval Times in Toronto.. There we enjoyed incredible food and entertainment.

Medieval Times Banner

Back at the hotel now and getting ready for another big day tomorrow. We will be practicing our routines and getting ready for the big night of Preliminary Judging where they pick the top 20!

Thank you to everyone and your ongoing support and messages! It means the world to me and I love sharing this amazing experience with you all!

To be continued…



If the crown fits






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