Wow what an amazing few months! Thank you to everyone that has made my journey as a Miss Teenage Canada Delegate an experience I will always remember.
I was crowned Miss Teenage Southern Alberta in February and it has been such an honour to help out the communities in various ways, my hometown centennial is coming up and I had so much fun being able to be involved with the community fundraiser for the Milk River Centennial.

I have to tell you the hospitality in small town southern Alberta is exceptional.  I have been fortunate to travel to many of the towns throughout southern Alberta with my High School Basketball team and competing in rodeo.

Writing on Stone Provincial Park was named a National Historic Site.  The amazing petroglyphs, hoodoos and beauty of how the Milk River has cut a winding passage way through is incredibly scenic, and worthy of a visit.  The first weekend in August is the Writing on Stone rodeo and I am excited to say it’s one of my favourites.  It’s like an old west scene with the hoodoos in the back ground, prairie and the Milk River that I can take my horse for a swim in after he and I have made our run.  It’s an incredible feeling of freedom.

Interesting fact about Milk River.  It was ruled under 8 flags  and the river itself starts in the United States runs up into southern Alberta crosses into Montana flows into the Missouri River, to the Mississippi and to the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s the only river in Canada to do this.

Horsing around with my favourite guy Blu

Horsing around with my favourite guy Blu

Fund raiser

Centennial Fundraiser

Written by: Charlie

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