It was in the same continent in which our wonderful country of Canada was derived from, the founders of the beauty pageant; Europe. The newly conceived of beauty pageants gained recognition quickly throughout Europe; beginning in Scotland and rapidly becoming a fad trend; it was the 1880s that beauty pageants gained their popularity.

Similar to modern day beauty pageants, all participants had to supply a photograph and a short description of themselves to be eligible for entry and a final selection of 21 were judged by a formal panel.

With the influence of its motherland and neighbouring country of America, it is no surprise that Canada naturally acquired the annual tradition of beauty pageants.

Throughout the years Canada has established a wide range of pageants; from local to those of a national level, gaining nation and international recognition for its speedy rise in the pageant industry.

From these roots are which the Miss Teenage Canada (formerly Miss Teen Canada-World) stemmed!

Since 2008, MTC has been a pioneer in not only the teen category; but, the pageant industry as a whole. Increasing size and power, well- known name and reputable reputation, Miss Teenage Canada is the largest teen pageant in Canada.

Though the modern day Miss Teenage Canada was established short years ago, the dream of “Miss Teen Canada” was born in 1969. For the first three years of competition, it was named the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, identical to the present day pageant.

In 1972 it was renamed Miss Teen Canada, this is later version of the pageant is the most memorable due the large size and immense media coverage, which included being televised by CTV, and featured in all major newspapers.

The pageant shut down in 1990.

In 2008, the pageant began again, this time with another name change; Miss Teen Canada-World. This name and title was held until the recent name change again in 2014. In this, the name was returned to it originating form of Miss Teenage Canada.

This change was made due to large amounts of confusion within the pageant industry of those also in the teen category. Also, the change was made to return back to the originating roots of the pageant and its core values.

Miss Teenage Canada, as stated earlier , is the top teen pageant in Canada. Owned by MTC-W Productions and produced by Michelle Weswaldi of Weswaldi Productions, its rise to success and popularity can be linked to its incredible media exposure, breath-talkingly beautiful and talented of former titleholder alumni’s, as well as the acknowledgment of all Provinces, from coast to coast.

Each winner of Miss Teenage Canada is given the opportunity to participate in Miss Teen Universe, as well, current provincial titleholders have the opportunity to be hand chosen by the director to compete in international competitions such as Miss Teen Global.

“Our mission is to give every Canadian teenage girl the chance to step up into the spotlight and show the world her own kind of beautiful. Our commitment is to set the highest standards of competition versus other pageant systems. We want to make sure that every girl who enters the contest has the opportunity to learn, grow, challenge themselves, and engage with a higher purpose for a chance to express her individuality, transform and realize her true potential, represent her country and take an active role in her community”

–        Miss Teenage Canada Inc.

Written by: Sabrina

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