Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog… a place to comment, connect and follow me on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada in August.

I’m excited to share my experiences with you. I love connecting and meeting new people and I am very excited to have a personal blog to reach out and find new friends!

So where should I start? A little about me…

I am currently finishing up Grade 11 and live in a small farming Village in Alberta of just over 1000 people. Great people, family fun and where you know everyone it seems (this is good and bad as you can imagine)!

Activities in my village range from shooting gophers in backyards (true story) to horses wandering down the streets (all the time) to a school of less than 350 from K-12 (cozy)! I have 23 in my one class grade (as they are all one class grades where I live) and I’ve been going to school with most of my friends since Kindergarten.

I play volleyball, basketball (where we won Zones and Provincials this year! OH YAH! – both the guys and girl’s teams won both – so FOUR BANNERS this year! ), track and field (train at the University of Lethbridge and currently in season), piano (6 years – and now I sound somewhat decent but still don’t like to practice) and above all I LOVE reading (it is my nemesis as it steals precious sleep).

I love to get out and meet new people. I love participating in events and helping others. This summer I am planning many events to honour my Miss Teenage Southern Alberta title and promoting and fund raising for the official Miss Teenage Canada charity, Free the Children!

Some fun blogging will be about my planned make up tutorial lessons to fashion to hair disasters (I have many with my long hair) to walking practice (let’s hope I don’t break an ankle in those 5″ heels!) and many other topics. If there is anything you want me to blog about.. Just comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Included in the fun stuff above I will also be chatting about my Platform:


I find that many kids are still bullied and the bullying has affected me as well. Some of the bullying is passive and not out in the open… so it gets missed. But it still affects you even if it’s not so public. It’s the sideways glance in the hallways.. or the whispers as you walk by or the intentional moving away from you when you walk into a room… It sucks..

But what I have found is that when someone has the support and internal strength to stand up for themselves, walk away or even learn to just let it roll off your back no matter how horrible.. this can help stop bullying. I’ve walked away on many occasions. Not without it stinging A LOT.. not without tears A LOT.. but I have found a way to find my TRUTH inside me. I will be open and honest. I will share some of my crazy stories here in my blog. I want to show other teens that it does hurt.. but there is a way to move past and move forward.

I would love my blog to be a place they can come for support and strength. Standing alone isn’t always easy… actually it never is… but every time I have done it, I get stronger. 🙂

I’d love to hear: Your stories. Your dreams. Your visions. Your fears. Your struggles.

Share them with me… I’ll respond!

Beyond my small town borders is a limitless world… and I plan to take advantage of every moment I can.

Visit me often! I love hearing from you.



Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2015



Written by: Shelby

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