Hello friends! Welcome to my Blog. I am so honoured to represent my province in the upcoming nationals pageant held in Toronto Ontario in August. Back in march I competed in Miss Teen Alberta pageant and won first runner up winning myself the title of Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2017. I am super ecstatic for my upcoming events I will be attending as a way to help make a difference and represent my title. Now allow me to tell you more about myself. I really enjoy fishing, going to movies, Listening to country music, and anything outdoors. Throughout elementary and my teen years I have been immersed in dance class, specifically clogging. I even got the opportunity to help teach a kids clogging class for a year. As a young amusing child I remember my dream job was to be a teacher… the only reason was so I could draw on the board. Since then I considered more of my options. Junior high I won many awards for my grades and even got top student in classes such as math, science, and shop. I then entered high school which was a whole new experience and I’ve loved every moment of it. Things started to change health wise for me during grade 11. I noticed I constantly was not feeling myself and after being admitted to the hospital and many doctor and specialist appointments I got told I have what is called IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) IBD is a term mainly used to describe two conditions known as Ulcerative Colitis and Chrones Disease. Till this day the doctors don’t know exactly which one out of the two I have but are currently doing further tests to rule it out. Although the symptoms are difficult to live with I still try my best in everything I do and never give up. It is a topic I am passionate to speak about and was my platform in this previous pageant.

Now that you got a little insight of me I would love to invite you to visit my social media accounts to see more of my updates on events and photos! I am extremely excited for this years journey to meet new people and to represent my title! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish my fellow blog followers a great rest of your day! See you on the next post:)

Yours Truly

Dakota-Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2017

Written by: Dakota

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