A year of a life time; how I would describe these last 13 months. Being crowned Miss Teen Southern Alberta-World 2013 have given me opportunities of a lifetime. I have gained so much over this past few year; friendship, confidence, personal experiences and international travel. The friendships that I have gained will honestly last a lifetime. Jill and Cassie both understand exactly who I am, and accept me and my flaws and we defiantly will have memories that most people will never understand. One of the biggest things I have achieved over this last year, is my gain of confidence. When entering Miss Teen Alberta-World I was not the most outgoing person; people have described me as a wallflower. Through the process I am more confident that I have ever been, and am proud of my decision within daily life without second guessing myself. My international travel, well that’s still in the works. Having the opportunity to compete in Miss Teen Canada-World, I qualified to compete internationally by making Top 20. During the crowning of the new candidates headed to Toronto this summer I will be in Nicaragua, competing for Canada at Miss Teen Universe.
Thank you to Michelle, Christi, and the Miss Teen Canada-World Organization, and most of all my family and friends support throughout this entire year. I wish the best of luck to the girls competing in Miss Teen Alberta-World, and Miss Teen Canada-World. You all will have an experience of a lifetime, and learn so much about yourself. Make the most of it, and I wish the best of luck to all of you.

Yours Truly,
Miss Teen Southern Alberta-World 2013
Mattea Henderson 

Written by: Mattea Henderson

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