I survived the first day! Darian and I slept just a little past our alarms, but it’s understandable; beauty queens need their beauty sleep right? As we rose from our sweet slumber, we ran through the shower, grabbed our outfits and headed out the door by eight.

Today we had our official Miss Teenage Canada delegate shoot, video shoot, and our judged interview! As the nerve racking portion of the pageant doomed on us, we kept a positive attitude and a flawless smile.
So, I began with the video shoot. I’m not the best with video interviews, but hey; don’t knock it until you fail right? I went in, did my thing, did a couple retakes, and was on my way to the photo shoot! Photoshoot was so much fun, it was a great way to release those anxious vibes; about five minutes later, it was over! The photographer was very relaxed and a blast to work with. Our hair and makeup for the day was odne my one of our amazing sponsors, Motives Canada, who had a high glam look in mind for us ladies.
I then made my way back downstairs to prepare for interview! Now at provincials, I wasn’t one-hundred percent content with my interview. My outfit was amazing, so of course I used it again for nationals; and this time around, I decided just to “wing-it” and be Sabrina.
PHEW! I came out with a smile and made my way back up to throw back on my yoga pants, collect my belongings, and head “home”.

Here are some shots from throughout the day:

And….. NAP TIME!! I had a quick chat with my family back in Alberta; seeing as I finished very early. Darian soon returned and we chitt-chatted till I dosed off in the middle of our conversation.

It was a very well needed nap!

We then headed back downstairs for the last time for the day for dinner! Yay, food! We got the low- down of tomorrow’s schedule, got out to go boxes, and headed to our room. Dinner was great; chicken strips, rice, corn, and pasta salad.

Tomorrow should be an eventful day!

Until Day Three,
Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014
Until Day

Written by: Sabrina

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