We made it to the (almost) half way mark! Our fourth day began with breakfast provided by Michelle, she fed us a Canadian classic; Tim Hortons! We were all ecstatic and quickly devoured or yummy breakfast as we loaded on to the bus.
We then headed to Global News where we were featured on both The Morning Show (Global Toronto) and Global National.

From Global, we made our way back to the hotel for lunch. And…. we got McDonalds!! Oh my was I ever happy! Snack wraps, apples, cookies, and a whole bunch of little goodies. With our stomachs now full and our bodies re-energized, we made our way to the CN Tower!
Our new Hi-Tec footwear made walking around feel amazing!
As we made our way up the CN Tower, which takes a total of fifty-nine seconds in the partial glass elevators, we saw the breath taking view that the tower and Toronto have to offer; and then, we saw it…. the glass floor..

DUN DUN DUUUUUN!! So just a little fact, I prefer not to walk or stand on glass floor. Coming from Southern Alberta, a staple tourist spot is the Tyrell museum in Drumheller. In the museum, there is this one section that has glass flooring and everytime I step on it, I freeze. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust the glass or maybe it’s because of Night at the Museum and there is a possibility that the creatures may come alive! AHH!! Haha But at the CN Tower, I did it!! And honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The Hi-Tecs definitely made the experience that much more comfortable.

Shopping! Us girls then made our way to the Toronto Eaton Centre to do a little shopping. Eaton Centre was so generous to donate each of us a ten dollar gift card for dinner! We were divided up into groups by age and headed on our way. My main stop was Shoppers Drug Mart! Darian and I need to stock up on some healthy snacks for our room seeing as we had no space left in our bags on the way here. A few dollars later we were set.
Numerous people asked us what we were doing and who we were, some asked for pictures; and, one moment I will never forget was when we first walked into the mall and everyone stopped, pulled out their phones, and surrounded us like paparazzi. It was a bit overwhelming at first but we had to make the moment last.

After a short few hours of shopping, we quickly returned to the hotel where Shawn was ready to rehearse! We practices some new walks and formations, also developing our opening number for the final night.

And.. Bed time!

Once again I am sorry that there are no pictures but I unfortunately didn’t have time to charge my ipad, so the pictures are on my Twitter and there are a few on my Facebook. I promise day five will have TONS of pictures!!

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