Today we were featured on Breakfast Television! Now getting up at three-thirty in the morning was not too encouraging but as soon as we arrived at the studio; we were wide-eyed and excited! A handful of girls were picked to speak about personal experiences and talents they have and I must say, they did a great job for an on-the-spot live interview.
Here is the link to the Miss Teenage Canada delegates on BT!
Later we headed to High Park where we had a delicious breakfast at Grenadier Café that was composed of: scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and toast.

We then returned to the hotel where we changed into a little more comfortable clothing and headed upstairs for a presentation by Schwarzkorpf Professional! They taught us a whole bunch of fun tips and tricks, as well as some super easy yet pageant appropriate hairstyles. They were so generous to give us some products, and one of which is a re-invented version of my favorite product of all time: Dust It!!

And lunch is served! Us delegates were so lucky to have our lunch donated to by Panera Bread. Sandwiches, salads, cookies, chips, and delicious drinks; oh my, it was the best lunch so far!

Off to the mall we go! With our full bellies we strutted out way to the bus and made our way to Yorkdale Mall where we received a gift card from Bench! I went a little off the beaten path and bought a gift for a friend rather than an article for myself, now let’s hope they like it. Here we took Polaroid pictures and developed a new hashtag; #MissBench. Also, we all entered to win a head to toe look from Bench! The winner will be announced at the end of the week. Yorkdale also gave each of us a VIP package which gave us discounts as well as a ten dollar gift car for dinner. Being a Canadian, of course I got poutine! But also being from Alberta, I have to have my braised beef! Old habits die hard, and especially not before preliminaries!

Heading back to the hotel, Paige and I were beat; so, we had a little cat nap. We all then headed back upstairs to our room, had a quick break, and made our way up to the twelfth floor where Shawn was waiting for us.
After a refresher and random dance session amongst us girls, we began choreographing our opening number!
A couple hours later it was bed time!! Which was much needed seeing as we would be getting up at four- thirty am the next day.

I apologize that there are no images in this post but my ipad died as soon as we got on the bus!

You can see some images on:
Twitter- @SouthernAB_2014
Facebook- Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

Until Next Time,
Sabrina Jones- Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2014

Written by: Sabrina

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