Canada isn’t just great… It is AMAZING!!

I am Canadian

C stands for: Coast to Coast

Canada is the second largest country in the world, ranging from the West Coast of British Columbia and the Pacific Ocean  to the East Coasts of Quebec, Newfoundland, and many other small islands located in the Atlantic ocean. Between the two aquatic borders lay an array of many different landscapes, from the snowy tundras in the North to the beautiful rocky mountains in the west and the great prairie lands, to the rocky coastline of the east. You may think to yourself, how does one country with SO MUCH land space have SO FEW people? Well let me tell you. Although Canada is not lacking in area, most of the area we have is north more into the northern arctic hemisphere, making the area up there hard to live and even uninhabitable. Making our population smaller than that of the state of California, sitting around thirty-five million people. But with such great land area and so few people, the hidden beauties in Canada remain uninhabited, little disturbed and available for everyone to enjoy.


A stands for: Abounding Beauty

I believe that Canada is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I live close to the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta and they are breathtaking. Waterton Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places on earth! See my picture below…

From the great Rocky Mountains to the vast rolling prairies to the Great Lakes and always green Maritimes, Canada truly has it all! History and beauty…


N stands for: Nation of Nice People

It is commonly joked about that if you meet a Canadian that they are always so very friendly and continually say they are “sorry”. I’ve heard numerous times from visitors, exchange students and relatives that visit from out of Country that there truly is no nicer place and people than Canadians.

I was on a cruise a couple of years ago and the Captain suggested at one stop that people wear a Canadian flag pin because they would be treated like royalty on land! That’s how well respected and known we are for being kind and loving. I think that’s incredible!

Nice Canadians

A stands for: Amazing Canadian’isms’ or Vernacular just for Canadians

Here are some of the most used and some of my favourites!

        1. KEENER    /ˈkēnər/

Definition: An enthusiastic brown-noser.

Example: “Christy pulled an all-nighter studying for that history test on the War of 1812. She’s such a keener.”

Study all Night

        2. GIVER    /give-er/

Definition: Give it all you got. Apply 110% of your effort (usually to partying, working, and/or extreme Canadian sports).


“How are you planning to get down the triple black diamond run when you’ve never snowboarded before?”

“I’ll just give’r.”*

*This is not an endorsement for poor decision-making in amateur snowboarders.

Extreme Snowboarding

        3. TOQUE    /ˈtuːk/

Definition: A knit cap worn in winter. Or spring, fall, and during freak summer snowstorms. It’s cold in Canada.

Example: “Grab your toque. I know we were suntanning yesterday, but…you know…Canada.”


         4.  COWTOWN   /cow-town/

Definition: A term used to describe Calgary, Alberta. Surprisingly, often used by those who actually live in Calgary, Alberta.


“There’s a cowboy on a paddle board on the river.”

“Well, this is Cowtown.”


         5. KERFUFFLE   /kərˈfəfəl/

Definition: A commotion or fuss, often caused by a disagreement.

Example: “Edmonton Oilers fans got angry when the Calgary Flames beat the Oilers 5-0. It caused quite the kerfuffle.”


         6. CHESTERFIELD   /ˈCHestərˌfēld/

Definition: A couch. In your grandma’s living room.

Example: “Have a seat on the Chesterfield, Dear. Just shoo Puddles off and sit next to my knitting basket.”


         7. MUSKOKA CHAIR   /mə-ˈskō-kə/ /CHer/

Definition: An outdoor wooden lounge chair. Named after the Muskoka Lake region of Cottage Country in Ontario, Canada.

Example: “I can’t wait to get up to the cottage. We just bought two Muskoka chairs and I’m going to sit in front of the lake all weekend!”


         8. RUNNERS  /rənərs/

Definition: Athletic shoes used for running. Also used as a term for street shoes.

Example: “There’s a moose on the loose. Better grab your runners.”14.


Definition: Athletic shoes used for running. Also used as a term for street shoes.

Example: “There’s a moose on the loose. Better grab your runners.”

running shoes

There are many many more “Canadian’isms” but if you know the above ones you will understand a bit more when you come and visit! 🙂

Canadian Slang

D stands for: Diverse in Culture

Diversity has played an important role in Canada’s history.  My step-dad is an immigrant from the United Kingdom and I am very grateful he came to Canada! Today, Canada has the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens than any other developed country.  In 2012, Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants for its seventh consecutive year, with 257,515 newcomers entering the country.  In opening its doors to immigration, Canada has created a society of mixed languages, cultures and religions.

The Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is but one example of this! What an amazing array of diverse cultures being represented from across the country!


A Stands for: A+ Place to Live

In 2014 Huffington Post did a great article on Canada being the best place to live! I’ve put the link in below as it says it all.


I really do believe that Canada is an A+ place to live. Our freedoms, our history, the beauty, the culture.. we are the envy of many countries in the world. And if you can’t move here… at least visit us! And come say hi to me in Alberta!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite thing is about CANADA! I will respond!



Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.07.55 PM

Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2015

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